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Can Art Save Humanity? (Podcast)

Stock market vulturism, environmental disaster, public health crises, political unrest. Welcome to 2021. While superheroes remain the domain of fiction, what forces stand between humanity and total ruin? In my humble opinion, it’s art. I sat down on the Vibe Union podcast with Amutha and Jason to talk about the role Art can play in saving Humanity. I’m particularly keen to further explore Tyson Yunkaporta’s work bringing an Indigenous lens to solving our current woes through his book “Sand Talk“, and if anyone reading this has further reading/resources/connections to those ideas, I’d really appreciate it. I just heard him talk on the Jim Rutt Show, and also on Ruts & Routines where he actually dives deeper into the ideas discussed below.

I’d love your thoughts on these ideas and more, so get in touch if you wanna share ’em!

Vibe Union Podcast episode 16 “Can Art Save Humanity?”
Vibe Union Podcast Episode 16 Thumbnail Can Art Save Humanity? Ft. Amutha Jason Emkew Mash
In case the embedded video doesn’t work, click the image to go to YouTube:

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