hip hop artist emkew leaning against acmi melbourne building

“I’m on a mission to inspire hope in every heart”

Emkew is a Pakistani-born MC and entertainer inspiring hope in every heart. Combining deep lyricism with socially conscious messages, he encourages listeners to look at the world and themselves with optimism. Along with directing Vibe Union, Emkew has played major festivals such as Melbourne Fringe, Rainbow Serpent, 2 Worlds, Renaissance, and others. Along with his music, he also runs workshops with young people to teach them how to rap and express themselves. Without a doubt, Emkew has cemented himself as Burn City’s F.I.R.E.

FAVOURITE – Emkew is a friend to all, and a reliable one at that. As a multi-talented performer, Emkew has received acclaim in many areas of the Melbourne entertainment scene. Between hosting fundraisers with Wasim Akram, taking out the Positive MC Rap Battle Competition, collaborating with a variety of performers, and performing at many of Melbourne’s most vaunted venues – Emkew is the preferred choice to entertain your crowd. With a loyal following both online and in the physical world, Emkew delights with his charming and personal approach to performance, and has rapidly become an easy choice for promoters, hosts, and event organisers around the city.

Emkew performing to a crowd of hip hop karaoke fans

“We all face hardship, it’s how we face our challenges and overcome them that determines our character.”

INSPIRATIONAL – Growing up a Pakistani Muslim boy post-9/11 was difficult, and led to years of mental stress for Emkew in his teens. Tumultuous times through his twenties led to a dark period that began to clear once he found music to express himself. Channeling his desire to better himself into his music, Emkew encourages young people to see themselves in a better light than society may. Through his music and youth work, Emkew inspires hope in the hearts of Melbourne’s young people that we can, and we will, make our lives better.

REVOLUTIONARY – Change is in the air. It is the only truly inevitable force. While many resist and hold on to old traditions and stubborn attitudes about what is ‘real hip hop’, Emkew chooses to embrace the chaos of the modern era. Constantly taking risks, Emkew combines sounds, people, environments, and ideas freely. Only through experimentation and constant collaboration can we arrive at new ideas and modes of thought, and Emkew is consistently bringing new worlds together to unify and advance the world of the future. Change is in the air. Change, or be changed.

emkew performing with a baby in underground hip hop performance

Emkew performing at Horse Bazaar Melbourne hip hop

EMCEE – More than a rapper, Emkew has been performing in public since being cast as Gandhi in his primary school’s Independence Day production in Pakistan. Combining quick wit, musical talent, natural charisma, and a desire to unify audiences, Emkew is the complete package to entertain any group. His work teaching audiences how to improvise has honed his ability to read the room, and rather than following stuffy scripts, Emkew rides the energy and electricity of each audience to deliver a truly inclusive experience for every attendee, every time. His performance style touches hearts and minds alike.

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