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Listen and Rate – 30 Verses

Midnight, August 22, 2021 I hit ‘Start Stream’ on StreamYard and began one of the greatest creative undertakings of my MC life. I was gonna write 30 verses in 20 hours, and stream the whole thing – live. Inspired by a range of creative projects I’d been exposed to over the years, it was equal…

Sleepless in the Hustle

5 straight nights of little to no sleep. So much has happened in the past week, I never got a moment to sit down and write about it. Read on for Emkew news, Vibe Union news, and some huge news about our latest venture. Hit play on this video and read on It all kicked…

Can Art Save Humanity? (Podcast)

Can Art Save Humanity? (Podcast) – Stock market vulturism, environmental disaster, public health crises, political unrest. Welcome to 2021.

New Music

New single from Shourov ft. Srimathumitha & Emkew out now. Click here to listen!

We are live!

Welcome, and thank you for finding my first post. This website stuff is new to me, but as my music and my network grows, I want to make it easy for you and others like you to access and connect to it all. Thank you for being part of my test community, please leave comments…

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