Rappers Delight

Emkew, Vibe Union, and Ronnie’s Blue Bar bring your Melbourne’s most inclusive hip hop night: Rappers Delight!

Inspired and supported by Hip Hop Karaoke Melbourne, Rappers Delight is your new haven to deliver the performance of a lifetime. More info on Facebook.

Whether you’re a Burn City veteran, a rapper on the come-up, or you just like the idea of leading a room full of people singing ‘Old Town Road’, Rappers Delight is the best place to play the songs we all know and love.

Live on May 25th at Ronnie’s Blue Bar, we’re reviving a classic night, and you don’t want to miss this epic return with Mz Rizk on the decks. More info: Facebook

For a full list of available instrumentals, click here

Feeling brave? Slots are already filling up, so guarantee your moment to shine by signing up below.

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