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Remember when life was simpler, easier to manage? We try to keep up by using caffeine and medication to help us relax and adjust. Finally, there is a low-cost alternative to help you improve your sleep, to take back control of your life.

Introducing sōja sound, your tailored solution to better sleep, better health, and a better life.

Your sōja sound – powered by My Sound Technology – consists of more than just the song you hear. It’s made up of our patent-pending technology that allocates your personalised sound frequency, delivered to you by means of binaural beats embedded into a soundtrack. This is part of what creates your extraordinary listening experience. 

But what are binaural beats? How do they work?

In a review of over 20 research studies, Huang and Charyton explored the impact of binaural beats on psychological outcomes such as cognition, stress, anxiety, pain relief, and mood. The studies’ findings suggest that binaural beats, a way of brain entrainment, is an effective therapeutic tool for people. 

In a meta-analysis of 16 studies, Pigott and colleagues showed the benefits of visual and sound rhythmic stimuli on anxiety, depression, pain-control, and substance abuse.

I struggle with sleep and insomnia from time to time and I’ve tried a range of approaches. sōja sound helps me sleep more restfully, and leaves me feeling focused, alert, and ready to take on the next day!

Mashood Qureshi, sōja sound founder

You deserve the best rest.

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