Sunday Salvation

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Emkew – Sunday Salvation (Prod. Kanye West, Austin Millz, Julian Schweitzer)
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I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this track, and I would have liked to have been able to release it to streaming platforms, but for a number of reasons that may never eventuate.

Thank you for supporting me, this song means the world and I’ve loved sharing it with you live. I want you to have it, to keep, to listen to whenever you like. I play this around the house when I want to get fired up about the things I care about. I hope you will too.

Sunday Salvation

The beat originally comes from this viral video from Kanye’s Sunday Services. When I first saw it, I stopped what I was doing to extract that audio and make a loop. I knew straight away this had to turn into something, that I had to write the world of grand ideas that had been swimming in my head. When I hit a wall for the beat, I went searching and found this incredible Austin Millz flip:

With some final production work from Julian Schweitzer inspired by Henry Skillz’ live DJ’ing. This short, totally-not-copyright-cleared demo was born. I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I love playing it for you


So redundant we’re prayin for salvation
Such abundance we’re dyin of starvation
Focusin on the faults In our nations
Finger on the button we’re huntin for
Leaders who’d rather bleed us than ever lead us
Strip the planet but panic without Adidas
Not to mention the parliamentary procedures, keepin asylum seekers from breaching the gulf between us

We already have the answers,
Global cooling and a cure for cancer,
We’re the Genesis Generation,
Rise up and receive your salvation

Fake news, take two grains of salt
30 silver bullets, then pull it and watch em fall
No rights, man too much is wrong, but the future’s far beyond so the fool just marches on
To the sound of the drummer the second coming, we’re running from one another forgetting our sons and mothers, but love is our biggest weapon, we’re ready for intervention, the tension, we’re gonna end it by getting what’s in the message

All we wanna do is have a good time
Make it back to heaven when everyone’s had a good life
Life is so much better on the good side
Tune into the frequency and resonate with good vibes
…Instead of running from Hell, turn tide just ride when you’re feeling the swell
Break loose break through, have a story to tell, coz when we make it back to heaven, we’ll forget that we fell

feel and heal our worst abrasions
Return to the birth of the first of nations,
Tuned to the turning of Earth’s rotations
Praying for salvation so it’s already found,
Heads in the sky and our feet on the ground
March to the drum of the common sound,
Coming from above, where we all wear