Listen and Rate – 30 Verses

Midnight, August 22, 2021

I hit ‘Start Stream’ on StreamYard and began one of the greatest creative undertakings of my MC life. I was gonna write 30 verses in 20 hours, and stream the whole thing – live.

Inspired by a range of creative projects I’d been exposed to over the years, it was equal parts entertainment and proclamation – “This is Serious. This is my life. This is how I live. This is how I play.”

It was an awesome experience, kicking off with my family joining me on-stream from around the world, and peppered with lovely wishes and supportive commenters in the chat throughout the day. While the task was mine alone to do, I was not alone in the endeavour. Thank you to the 23 producers who contributed beats, the 150+ people who tuned in to join the party, and for my friends and family who support me, believe in me, and continuously inspire me to succeed at greater heights.

What’s next?TWITCH

Now it’s time to take some of those rough verses and turn them into songs. I’ve been streaming lately, and I’m excited to announce a new series as I work on one of these songs each Sunday through September. I hope you’ll join me.

If you like, please have a listen to the verses and let me know which ones you like. You can easily vote in the poll below. The highest-rated track each week will be the one I work on.

This week, I’ll be working on what ended up being the biggest BOP of em all – 27 – Evolution – Prod Docta Deep (aka “CATTAPILLAH GOIN IN A KOKOOOOOOOOON”)

Be sure to hit attending on the Facebook event to be notified of updates!

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New Rhath Collab “Boxed In” Out Now!

rhath ft emkew boxed in hip hop single new release 2021 new music cover art lyrics
Rhath’s lead single for his upcoming album ‘Orbits’ is out now on all platforms

There’s few more talented musicians in Melbourne than Rhath. Producer, Rapper, Guitarist, Sound Engineer, the list goes on and on. We first met at a Bar Oussou open mic, where we connected on each other’s music. Not long after, we were at my place, collaborating on beats he’d made with FCK. His industrial, apocalyptic sense for sound is an immediate draw-card for me. He pulls no punches with his production and his lyricism, and he’s here to say something important.

When he approached me for this collab, we were deep into our work together with Vibe Union, and he wanted to make a song that captured the madness of trying to create during the nuclear fuck-storm of a year we were having. I was working on my (still in-progress) isolation EP at the time and was getting real frustrated with the kind of stuff I was coming up with. The beat and the concept immediately struck me and I knew I had to channel that same frenetic, pent-up energy that I’d been pouring into countless games of Rocket League. I really let my insanity run loose on this one. Rhath and I have always enjoyed playing counter-characters on songs we do together, and this one really has a great tone to it. Have a listen below and let me know what you think!

Oh… by the way… there’s a full music video coming out for this soon…