Vibe Union

Forged in the depths of quarantine blues in 2020, Vibe Union brings together musicians from a range of locations and genres to create the music that inspires you.

Featuring a range of artists, the collective has rapidly become a major name in the Melbourne hip hop and underground music scene.

The Backstory

In January of 2020 BC (Before COVID), Emkew invited a range of musicians to his house for a weekend of collaboration and connection. Calling it the “Vibe Union Music Retreat”, Emkew brought together over a dozen of Melbourne’s emerging artists met through other shows, previous collaborations, and even word of mouth. After the weekend, many of the artists kept in touch through a Discord server, beginning to collate and produce tracks together. By the time lockdowns loomed large, the crew had already begun work on several songs that would become their now-renowned “Vibrations“, a series of weekly single releases shared on YouTube.

Over the following 6 months, the crew met weekly on Discord and managed to release 20 singles, 2 in-person cyphers recorded during the brief reprieve from lockdowns, and even staged multiple live-stream concerts, raising money for Friends of Refugees. Their work continues and the collective grows stronger, involving over 25 artists across their massive range of collaborations.

Presently, the collective has set itself up in residence at Lyrebird Lounge, where they perform twice a month on a Friday, bringing a line-up of their various artists to a packed house each time. Ever-growing, the collective is always looking for new singers, rappers, producers, videographers, and photographers to grow their efforts. If you’re interested, hit the links below!

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